Taking control of your processes is a critical component of running a successful business. 

Start by improving the optimization and efficiency of your production management. Here are the points of consideration you need to keep in mind as you go forward to connect your operations. is a friendly interactive and intuitive Platform that digitizes and interconnects your People, your Product and your Process in real time using embedded Industry 4.0 elements as part of its operation system which is built around seven pillars:

  • Safety & Health (COVID-19)
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Productivity
  • Communication and empowered people
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Accountability and Ownership across all levels of the organization has been developed by local talent involving the high expertise of manufacturing engineers and software developers.

Our goal is to enable our customers in terms of digital transformation, smart factories and Industry 4.0. The GIMOS technology solution comes as a result of the combined knowledge and experience of more than 50 years addressing regional manufacturing challenges.

Agroindustrial, Medical Devices, Electronics, Automotive, Packaging, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Telecommunications, Home Appliances, Recycling and Waste, Plastics, Assembly, Textiles, Hospitals

More than 50 modules divided into: Quality, Delivery, Productivity, People, Improvement, and Security & Health.

Server IIS
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard or above, Framework 4.0 or above
  • Server name / User / Password – VPN to connect remotely
  • 50Gb or up (will last 2-3 years) depends on use
Storage Server
  • Server name / User / Password
  • VPN to connect remotely
  • Server name / User / Password
SQL Server
  • SQL Management Studio Installed
  • 20Gb minimum & VPN to connect remotely
SMTP Server **
  • Server name / User / Password – require for email scalation
HC Mngmnt View
  • Server name / User / Password (readings privileges only)
Time & attendance View
  • Server name / User / Password (readings privileges only)
MES ACCESS (if any)
  • Server name user & Password
VPN Access
  • Forticlient / Global Protect or similar
  • Data-Driven, decision making
  • Real-Time​ Hour ​by Hour​
  • Escalation​ System​
  • Downtime management
  • Production​ Plan
  • Priorities focus
  • Overtime​ Control​
  • Quality​ Checklist
  • PE​ Control​
  • Line​ Capacity Management
  • Enlight customers
  • Alignment to all organization levels

GIMOS’ agility of adaptation for the manufacturing industry proves that there is always a better way to control the operational productivity and reduce costs in your processes through security and innovation with high standards.

GIMOS is used to empower and drive the manufacturing operation, by managing and reporting on plant activities as events occur, in real-time data to execute. It maintains records and highlights exceptions.

MES is a specialist class of production-oriented software that manages, monitors, and synchronizes the execution of real-time physical processes involved in transforming raw materials into intermediate and/or finished goods

  • Direct Labor Efficiency Increase
  • Downtime Reduction
  • Machine Utilization & CAPEX reduction
  • COPQ reduction
  • Overtime reduction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Discipline, Safety and a Lean Culture

The system senses the voice of the product and process (KPI’s) in real-time, provides an escalation process through alerts to the cross-functional team to help them allocate resources, priorities and focus to achieve sustainability and performance. is a one data-driven system that utilizes the internal operation communication between any platform to drive growth across your industry.

  • Quality & Demand Traceability: Create preventive and proactive build-in quality culture and monitor the product focusing on your customer requirements and concerns. 
  • KPI’s tracking: Hour x Hour production measurement, live traceability, and detailed life cycle tracking for timely resource allocation. 
  • Connectivity & Escalation: Real-time automatic reports and data analytics with live email and Whatsapp notifications. 
  • OPS Cost and Control: Over time, DL Efficiency, OEE, Scrap, and Downtime escalation and control. Results-oriented to value-added operations.

Maximize efficiencies, connect your process and people with higher profitability


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