For several years now, the industry has become one of the main drivers of the economy, with growth rates that promise a prosperous future for the sector. The extension of agribusiness trade to markets such as Korea, China, the Arab countries, and the European Union has also benefited the domestic agribusiness sector, while at the same time allowing it to diversify its market.

This sector is facing a lot of challenges in terms of production and supply chain and operation management.  

Innovative technology has been introduced to improve efficiency, but the current state-of-the-art solutions are not enough. For the food and beverage manufacturing companies, the majority of the workforce is on the plant floor. 

Now, it’s time to establish real-time visibility into the equipment that can empower operators to quickly identify problems and decrease unplanned downtime. offers an integrated solution for managing the entire supply chain. It’s based on IoT technology that allows you to have full control over your process, products, and resources at any time. 

Our solution can monitor all your equipment from one single application using sensors that are easy to install on any machinery or device that can be easily adapted to fit your needs and it will help you achieve new levels of labor productivity while reducing costs and increasing market share.

It also allows you to create predictive maintenance plans based on data analysis results which will help you reduce costs by preventing failures before they happen. 


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